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About The Billerica Colonial Minute Men
The Billerica Colonial Minute Men are known throughout the re-enactment community as an authentic portrayal of men and women of the era.

Besides portraying an active company of militia the group displays living history by demonstrating:
● Candle Making
● Woodworking
● Pewtering
● Broom Making
● Soap Making
● Musket Ball Casting
● Open Fire Cooking Employing
    The Use Of Bake Kettles
● Sewing And Needlework

   Bill Brimer


1812 US Marine Guard - www.1812marines.org
6th Middlesex Regiment - email 6thmiddlesex@gmail.com
     This organization consist of minutemen companies from Billerica, Chelmsford, Carlisle,
     Dunstable, Pepperell, Townsend and Westford.
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13th Continental/Rehoboth Minute Company www.rehobothminuteco.5u.com
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63th Reg of Foot email Jrb712@comcast.net
5th Reg of Foot email kiltone@aol.com
85th Regiment de Saintonge/4th Middlesex Volunteers www.saintange.org
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Glovers Regiment www.gloversregiment.org
HMS Somerset www.hmssomerset.com
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United Train of Artillery www.unitedtrainofartillery.org
Yarmouth Minutemen www.yarmouthminutemen.org



Contact: Bill Brimer - Captain - thecaptain@bcmm.us